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Therapy Services

Individual Counseling

Tell Me Your Story

My goal is to help people open up and discover new aspects of themselves. I believe that every person has a unique and interesting story. I work towards deconstructing problem-saturated narratives and thickening thin descriptions that lead to unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviors.

Couples Counseling

Build Intimacy and Connection

According to The Gottman Institute, 69% of differences between partners cannot be resolved. This may sound discouraging, but the truth is that it's relieving! You do not have to solve your problems! Your need to change your interaction pattern though. You need to increase your positive experiences of connection and decrease your negative experiences of disconnection. The magic ratio is 5:1 positive/negative. Couples therapy can teach you how to turn towards your partner instead of away.

Addiction Counseling

Find Sobriety

Excessive and prolonged drug and alcohol use often results in extreme irritability, confusion, cognitive distortions, depression, sadness, and chronic pain. These consequences are delayed making it difficult for you to recognize what is happening. The initial response of pleasure eclipses the detrimental effects of the substance. The longer you use the drug, the worse it gets and the harder it is to seek help.  Many addicts wait until they have lost everything (job, home, finances, relationships, etc.) before they reach out for help. You don’t have to wait until you have lost everything and everyone in your life.

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